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FCNABC began in May of 1970 as a house-based bible study fellowship. There were 15 members at the time, led by Pastor Zhuang Xuehui. Two months later, Faith Evangelical Church on Cambie and Fifth Street, located in Richmond, was rented as a place of Sunday worship. Members increased to 25 people.

The Evangelical Missionary Conference was held in June 1971 and was willing to support and fund the Chinese gospel ministry in FCNABC.

In June 1972, FCNABC officially joined the Evangelical General Assembly. Rev. Zhuang and representatives of FCNABC attended the annual meeting of Evangelical Western Canada for the first time.

In 1973, the bridge leading to Richmond on Fraser Street was demolished. For the convenience of members, the place of worship was moved from Richmond to Vancouver. Moravian Church at 612 58th Street was rented for worship.

In November 1980, Moravian Church requested that the lease be terminated in January 1981, forcing FCNABC to find another place of worship.  St. Margaret's Anglican Church was found shortly after, located on 3888 Dumfries and 22nd Street. FCNABC Church shared the lease with British Columbia Church to reduce the cost of expensive rents.  Only two weeks later, a fire destroyed the church building. The FCNABC records, poems, Bibles, etc. were also damaged. Finding a meeting place was once again urgent.

After contacting more than 70 churches, public service centers and schools, all failed because either the rent was too expensive, or the worship time was not suitable. In this time of emergency, Grace Church at 6990 Fraser Street welcomed FCNABC Church with love,  promising to share church facilities until a suitable place of worship was found.

Eight months later, Moravian Church on 58th Street was on sale.  In order to avoid the pains of constant relocation, Rev. Zhuang was determined to buy the church. As a result, in August 1981, the congregation, relatives and friends of the church were encouraged to raise $150 000 in the form of an investment, plus the original church building fund of $50 000 along with a formal deposit of $570 000.

FCNABC bought Moravian Church in 1981, just as Vancouver's house prices skyrocketed. The original plan was to apply for funding from the government to build a home for the elderly using the church parking lot, and use the income from the home to pay for the loan to buy the church.  However, the plan to build a nursing home failed because of the opposition of the neighbors. As a result, the church was unable to afford a 16.5% annual loan (approximately $4,000 per month).  Facing this difficulty, some members first left FCNABC to set up a church that spoke their own dialect.


In August 1984, Rev. Zhuang resigned and left FCNABC, and some of the members also left.

In October 1984, FCNABC was forced to sell the church.  Suddenly, a church of 100 members was left with a congregation of 20 to 30 people, without the guidance of a pastor.

After selling the church, FCNABC moved into United Church, 645 47th Street, on November 4, 1984 and rented it in the afternoon for worship.  During February 1985, Rev. Lin Shuen, a pastor from Indonesia, was hired. Two years later (February 1987) he was transferred to a newly established Indonesian church.  FCNABC was once again without a pastor.

For the sake of Sunday sermons, pastors all across Vancouver were invited to come and preach.  Though without her own pastor, the church was well maintained by the Lord’s providence and the unity of the deacon board.

In hopes of worship in the morning, FCNABC Church moved into Grace Church on 6990 Fraser Street on June 28, 1987, and rented the hall downstairs for worship.


In July 1988, FCNABC hired Rev. Huang Paul from Taiwan and sponsored his family to immigrate to Canada.  But in less than a year, Rev. Huang resigned and left FCNABC Church in July 1989 to go to a church in the United States. The same year Grace Church sold the church, demanding termination of the lease.  FCNABC was forced to find another place of worship urgently once again.


Finally, Ebenezer Baptist Church reached out to FCNABC with friendly hands. On May 7, 1989, FCNABC began worship at 6858 Fraser Street Ebenezer Church. So far, the meeting place of FCNABC Church has been stable until the present day. For this reason, FCNABC officially joined the North American Baptist Church in May 1991.

After Rev. Huang's departure, FCNABC hired Rev. Zhu Junsong to the pastoral team in September 1989. After six and a half years of diligent service, the number of worshippers on Sunday grew from only about 30 or 40 to 50 or 60.  But God gave Rev. Zhu a new calling, resulting in his decision to resign on January 28, 1996 and his departure later in May.  Immediately after, God led him to a new ministry, the Richmond Mission.


Our current senior pastor, Rev. Hong Yujian was baptized on December 22, 1991.  In September of the following year, he was called by God and partly funded by Faith Chinese to study at Regent Theological Seminary.  During his studies in June 1993, he was employed as pastor's assistant by FCNABC. After graduating from Regent Theological Seminary in 1995, he was re-appointed as an assistant pastor in August of the same year. In May 1996, the congregation voted and approved of the hiring of Rev. Hong Yujian, after which he became senior pastor of FCNABC.


When we look back at the history of our English congregation in Faith Chinese Church, we cannot help but give thanks to our Lord for His grace and mercy.  

Before 2005, our Vancouver English congregation was just several small youth bible study groups  with members of Chinese congregation as group leaders.  

Our English congregation in Vancouver was first established with Pastor Dang as our youth pastor in 2005. 

In 2006, Pastor Alex became our second youth pastor and served our congregation until 2009. 

In 2012, Pastor Jack took up the leadership until 2014. After 5 long years of waiting, Pastor Steven came to serve as our youth pastor in 2019 until now. 


The Surrey English congregation started once our Surrey Faith Chinese church was established in 2009. In the very beginning, it was led by Pastor Li's wife. 

In 2012 - 2014, Pastor Jack took care of the Vancouver and Surrey English congregation together since our church adopts a "One church Two locations" policy. And Pastor Steven now also serves as their  youth pastor since 2019.

The Tri-City English congregation was established in February 2020 and is currently lead by Pastor Steven, praise our Lord.  

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