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Disciple service center

Pastor Jiang

Translated by Leo Liu


Mark 10: 35-45 The gospel is often not played when people are most successful in packaging, and when they are most satisfied, they often appear when people are most difficult and fail. The disciple James and John came to Jesus and begged Jesus to accomplish something for them. As usual, Jesus asked, "What should I do for you?" They answered, "Give us in your glory, one sits on your right and the other sits on your left." In this way, like James and John, In the bottom of my heart, I was so eager for honor and status to achieve "greatness" and "success", so that they couldn't help but ask Jesus to "reserve" for them. In order to be the "left and right bright messengers" beside Jesus, they are confident and willing to pay any price. The other ten disciples heard Jacob and John “express” so bluntly, and told Jesus by responding to Jacob and John with annoyance. In fact, they also thought this way, and it also meant that. It's just that they think that James and John have done too much. On the way to Jerusalem, at an inappropriate time, they pleaded with Jesus in private, such an inappropriate method! Despite such unbearable disciples, the Lord Jesus kindly pointed out their crux. (1) The disciples were ignorant and wrong about God ’s plan: the disciples, like other Israelis, thought that Jesus, as the political and military Messiah of Israel, would rebuild a worldly kingdom of Israel on earth, and it would be a year for the Israelis What I hope for, especially under the rule of the Romans, is that I can very much raise my spirits and be inspired by the dream of a powerful Israeli nation to re-implement the great revival of the national history of Israel. This was the dream of all Israelis, and it was also the goal of the hardworking party members at that time. Among the Twelve Apostles, there is such a struggling party named Simon (not Simon Peter). Believe that Jesus chose him as one of the twelve apostles, and the Bible calls him "Simon of the Fearful Party", is to let us Christians understand and distinguish the background of the time and the true mission of the Messiah. The Lord Jesus said to Jacob and John, "You don't know what you are asking for", which means Jacob and John. Do you think you will follow Jesus to Jerusalem and want the author to take power and eat spicy and spicy? What you think in your heart, what your eyes are concerned with is still the things of the world, but my country does not belong to this world (John 18:36). You are wrong! (2) The selfishness and self-righteousness hidden in the disciples: Jesus told the disciples that you and I went to Jerusalem to share my suffering. Where am I, and where are my people. The cup that Jesus drank refers to the bitter cup of the Father ’s anger (Isa 51:17, 22), and the baptism refers to his death (Romans 6: 3-4). Jacob and John answered "we can". How confident and affirmative the disciple ’s answer is, as in Ke 10: 17-22, the young official was full of confidence and self-righteousness in his performance and ability. But when real persecution came, the disciples scattered and fell. In addition, Jacob and John's requests were selfish. They were brothers and had physical relationships with Jesus. Therefore, he specifically asked Jesus to give them two best positions, one in On the left, one on the right. They did not ask for other disciples. They believe that by their own efforts and relationships, they can ask Jesus to give them the glory and status they desire. But Jesus answered them plainly, and only those whom God the Father prepared for him could be given to them. (3) The idols of the disciples are "great" and "successful": Although the disciples followed Jesus for many years, the values that the disciples pursued belonged to the world. The goal of their efforts is greatness and success in the eyes of man, although such greatness and success is somewhat related to Jesus, on the left and right of Jesus. But it is true that what they worship is not Jesus, but the "greatness" and "success" that they can control about Jesus. Jesus corrects their values and transfers the greatness and success of their position in their eyes to willingness to serve others humbly and self-denial to suffer for the Lord. Because the Creator of heaven and earth is willing to make a ransom for sinners! Dear brothers and sisters, it is inappropriate and vanity for a man to follow Jesus along his own path and seek glory for himself. How similar we were to the disciples of the year, the disciples had a dream of a worldly power (the state of Israel), the disciples had a carnal pursuit, and the disciples were full of self-centered desire for greatness and success. Similarly, we also have worldly dreams, as well as self-centered pursuits and desires. The gospel is to change us, to look at my society with the kingdom of God, and look at where I am with the end times. Believe in the gospel will disrupt the old life, the old order, the old temperament, all the old ... The Lord ’s true light will illuminate us, and the Holy Spirit will help us to carefully examine our heart and make God good and pure. The will of joy leads us to unite with the Lord and enter into the glory of the Lord. Meditation and prayer: What have I received from today's scriptures? How does this help and improve my faith? In the course of going through the sky, especially during the epidemic, how do you better understand the Lord's intentions?

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