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The Last Supper

Pastor Jiang

Translated by Leo Liu


Mark 14:22-26 This is the last time Jesus and his disciples kept Passover. Usually the Passover feast includes bitter herbs, seasoning sauce, unleavened cake, wine and lamb. Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it out and handed it to the disciples, "You take it, this is my body." He took another cup and thanked him, saying, "This is the blood of my covenant, which was shed for many people." This is the most important moment in the Passover feast. Just the night before Jesus Christ himself was about to go to the cross and sacrifice for sinners, the Lord Jesus personally set up the sacrament, and he announced the new covenant made with his own blood. The people of Israel who lived under the Old Testament had sinned and needed the blood of animals to sacrifice their sins. The covenant made by the Mosaic Law was made with the blood of the sacrifices of burnt offerings and peace offerings (Ex 24:5-8). But this night, the Lord Jesus made a new covenant for those he chose, using the blood that he would shed on the cross.The Lord Jesus is the flawless Lamb prepared by God in the Passover! The blood he shed became a cover for the sinner. Anyone who is hiding in the Lord Christ will no longer be convicted, just as the night of the Passover more than 3,500 years ago, the angel of death passed the house with the blood of the Lamb and did not kill the eldest son in it. Because the Lord Jesus himself acted as the mediator of sinners, the Son became flesh and redeemed the sinner's debts before the Father. With only one offering, the sin of man is forgiven by him forever. The blood of the Lord Jesus became the blood of the New Testament between God and man. Now every one of us who is born again and repented, accepting the Lord's salvation person, can go to God the Father through Jesus, and he is fully sure that He will listen to us and save us from sin. At that time, the people of Israel relied on God to leave Egypt, which foreshadowed Christians to escape from the kingdom of sin. When the people of Israel relied on God to enter Canaan, the land of God’s promise, they foreshadowed Christians to enter heaven. The Lamb at the Passover feast represented the Lord Jesus himself, and the bread at the feast typified the body that the Lord laid down for His people; the wine typified the blood that the Lord shed for His people. The Lord asked His children to do the same in order to commemorate Him (Luke 22:19), and this is the origin of the sacrament. When we Christians receive the sacrament of the Lord in the church, we faithfully receive the visible bread that represents the body that the Lord Jesus gave us and the cup of blood that the Lord Jesus shed for us. Spiritual life is truly nourished, fed and strengthened! The first Adam, our first ancestor, violated God's covenant of life, ate the fruits of the tree of good and evil and sinned, plunged mankind into sin, and exalted himself to become the god in charge of himself. The last Adam, our Lord Jesus, who is the holy God, was willing to be a sinner for the sake of saving our sinners, and was crucified to cleanse sinners of sin with his holy blood. The gospel is the subversion of subversion. Fall tells us how to live for ourselves, and the gospel tells us how to live for God. In this way, the children of God, with true faith, receive the bread and cups in the sacrament and are spiritually united with our Lord! We are in the Lord, and the Lord is in us (John 15:5). In the same way, all of our brothers and sisters are united with each other in the Lord, and are members of each other. Jesus is our head and we are his members. In the coming day of the Lord, we will be completely holy, and we will be heirs of God with the Lord Jesus and have inheritance in his name! Meditate and pray: thank the Lord for our salvation, please think about the Lord Jesus for our salvation, how can we get closer to the Lord through the sacrament of sacrament, how to be more united with our brothers and sisters in the church Truth and love?

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