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The Silent King

Pastor Jiang

Translated by Leo Liu


Mark 15:1-5

Jesus is Christ and Messiah. Christ comes from the Greek in the New Testament and Messiah comes from the Hebrew in the Old Testament. They all have the same meaning, which means "anointed." In the Old Testament, the two most common types of human identities were designated by God to be established through an anointing process. One is the high priest of Israel, and the other is the king of Israel. From the previous verse we see that the heavenly high priest Jesus (Hebrews 5:5-6) was interrogated by the Jewish high priest. The human high priest because Jesus is "you demolish the temple, he built the temple in three days" (John 2:19), the true high priest who used his body as a temple to serve God (Matthew 26:61, Mark 14:58, John 18:20), the Son of the Most High God, and Christ (Matthew 26:24) , Mark 14:62), but to kill Jesus. Correspondingly, today's text mentions that the heavenly King Jesus (Matthew 2:2, John 18:36) was interrogated by Caesar's rulers, and that the human kings ruled because Jesus was the real king (Mark 15:2) , John 18:20) and to kill Jesus. It's time to slaughter the Passover Lamb, Lord Jesus, the silent Lamb, you are our Christ, you are our King. People will ask whether the king is an export or a decree? The king does not want to condemn whoever condemns? Do you want to kill anyone? How did the king himself become a lamb killed in silence? Dear reader, the mystery of the Father’s plan of redemption, the mystery of the gospel is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became a silent lamb. He became poor and humble for us sinners from the glory of the king's abundance, so that we might be resurrected in him one day as a glory of abundance. If he is not our king, no one can truly lead, rule and protect us, and overcome Satan. He was silent because we didn’t say a word silently. He didn’t show justice for himself, instead he carried all injustices and sufferings on himself, and he only looked up to the Father who did justice and mercy and saved his father. If Christ is for himself, he must stand up to defend, if Christ is for himself, he will be fair and righteous. If Christ becomes the atoning lamb for us as true sinners, he will be silent! If Jesus is just a king and not a lamb for God, then no one can repay us for our sins! We will bear our sinful debts before the judgment of the King of Christ, and the end will fall to the eternal fire of hell and die forever! But now, the King of Jesus is willing to be a scapegoat for you and me. The king of judgment came down from the throne of judgment, took off his noble robe, put on your prison uniform, and replaced you on Mount Golgotha, where the cross stands I die. In this trial, there are no more judges! Only the power of grace and redemption flowed from the cross! Dear brothers and sisters, the gospel is Jesus Christ. This king who will be judged righteously in the future will become the ransom among sinners and offended gods. Those who are redeemed by the Lord are those who repent and trust the Lord Jesus. With forgiveness, no longer be convicted! Be reconciled to God! Thank God for His mercy! Only by being rescued and released from the Lord Jesus Christ from sin can we truly experience and appreciate the grace and love of the Lord Jesus! Meditation and Prayer: The King who meditates on the glory of Christ becomes a scapegoat for you and me, offering gratitude and praise for all that Jesus has done! How does thinking allow more people to understand the gospel and repent and believe in this epidemic? How did thoughts receive grace from Jesus and motivate themselves to be more fierce and united with the Lord as one?

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