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Those Who Have Ears Should Listen

Pastor Hong

Translated by Allan Liang


Mark 4:1-9

As the word of Jesus’ acts of miraculous healing and exorcism spread across Galilee, all rushed to see Jesus. Was this not a perfect opportunity to spread the gospel? Yet we see that Jesus sat on the boat and spoke using parables about the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke in parables about a farmer scattering seeds, not merely on suitable ground, but on all ground. Some of the seeds fell on the road, some on rocky soil and others on thorn infested ground. But only did the seeds on good soil grow and multiply by 30 times, 60 times and 100 times. What is the meaning of this parable? Does it warn us not to be the imprudent farmer who carelessly disposes of his seed? Perhaps this was what the people thought: If I can’t make sense of it, then let it be, it’s no more than a parable. However, Jesus added a surprising statement afterwards: “Those who have ears should listen”. This meant that Jesus’ parable was of immeasurable value to all people. If any is to reject the word of God by making the excuse that it is too difficult, too superficial, or unscientific, they can only fall under the fury of God in his judgment. Dear brothers and sisters, those who believe God are indeed blessed. Luckily, we were not among the people by the seashore listening to Jesus’ preaching. Most of them, remarked, “this teaching is too difficult, who can listen?”, and thereby left. Yet, even under the influence of the pandemic, we are still able to open our bibles every day and continue our devotions on the book of Mark. If we are to read ahead, we will find that Jesus interprets the parable for his disciples and reveals to us the mysteries hidden within. Thanks be to God, for we have been given the same blessings as the disciples in the gospel books. This blessing enables our hearts to earnestly seek the Lord and gives us “the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us.” Please meditate and pray about: Jesus commanded “those with ears should listen”; how much weight does this statement have in our hearts? Have I truly received this commandment from God, so that I now listen attentively to his words and diligently read his scriptures? Do I treat God’s Word with reverence and respect, making sure that my reading is careful and my interpretation precise?

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